Student on Zoom chat bound, gagged and attacked by intruder in front of class

Video from the Zoom call shows the young woman tied up and gagged, and the intruder moving around the home in Durango, Mexico, while her classmates watch in horror

A young student was bound, gagged and attacked during a Zoom chat while her classmates watched in horror.

A burglar entered the woman’s home while she was in the middle of an English lesson that was being conducted remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The intruder tied her up and gagged her in front of her classmates before a recording started, and then lowered the computer’s camera so that no-one could continue to see the crime.

Footage posted online shows the woman, identified on her Zoom chat as Ariana, sitting motionless seemingly not to antagonise the intruder, who is seen moving around the property in Durango, Mexico.

After searching the house the thief found some keys and used them to flee the home in a stolen car.

Antonio Bracho, director of Municipal Public Security, reported that a call for help was received from the girls classmates who witnessed the scene through the Zoom chat.

The authorities, the Preventive Police and the Crime Investigator of the Durango State Prosecutor’s Office, immediately arrived at the victim’s house although the attacker had already fled.

Neighbors also called the victim’s mother who arrived at the address as soon as possible to check on their daughter.

The young woman has given counselling by the Unit for Attention to Family and Gender Violence.

Both the local police and the Durango Prosecutor’s Office reported that the alleged perpetrator has been identified.

However, he has not yet been arrested.